This is why I am riding 10,000 miles

April 24, 2012 in Ramblings, Speaking

I just received an email from a “victim” of child sexual abuse. Because of my ride, he has made the decision to become a “survivor”. This person just made my ENTIRE journey worth it. This is exactly why I am riding 10,000 miles. I helped someone in the same kind of darkness and pain that I was in realize that there’s a better life out there…if you can find the courage to fight for it.

An excerpt from that email (used with permission):

“I have an appointment monday to meet with a counselor it is time I’ve truly dealt with this! I’ve always felt I’m okay and doing well but your story, courage has allowed me to realize this event has affected me and has for my entire life. Time to confront and work it properly….. Time to take me back!!!”

Go brother. Take your life back.