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We Love Houston!

May 29, 2012 in Ramblings

I arrived in Houston Texas yesterday afternoon and the local Ruckus Crew greeted me! They met me about half way and escorted me into the city! Left to right: Mike, Mickey, Brian, and Mal. They took me to an art studio that manufactures giant heads of presidents. WOW!

The Houston sky line! Beautiful!

This building is beautiful…I *think* it has something to do with ventilation for the subway system.

This is Kalvin. He is a security officer at the city park we were in. I was taking pictures of the kids splashing around in the fountain and he approached me and said “I’m sorry sir, you cannot take pictures of the children in this park without their parents consent”. I apologized and erased the pics immediately. I told Kalvin about my journey and ask him about the park’s policy on photographing kids. He said with all the issues on the Internet (especially), the park has a no pic policy for kids. I think that’s awesome. It’s great to see that level of awareness on the city level. Some person that was involved in child advocacy did their job!!

MORE Starbucks love!

April 27, 2012 in Charity, Food, Ramblings

Starbucks has the most amazing clientele!

I was sitting in Starbucks in Myrtle Beach last night and GIGANTOR walked through the door:

This guy was huge. You could tell he was a professional bodybuilder and/or trainer.
He was with a very beautiful woman…they bought their drinks and sat down near me. We started talking and he said he was a Pro Body Builder / Trainer / MMA Fighter / Author. His name was John Pinder and his wife was Kristina. We had a great conversation. I thought it was really cool that all of his tattoo’s were biblical references. We talked for a couple hours and we actually closed Starbucks.
I was headed back to the campground and after a few miles on the road I heard someone beeping at me. It was John and Kristina. I pulled over and John said “Do you have a place to stay tonight”? I said “Yes, I am at the Apache campground”. He said, “We have an extra bedroom, why don’t you stay with us tonight”?

WOW! That was awesome of them! A comfortable bed!! I IMMEDIATELY said yes…lol.

I followed them back to their house a few miles away and they made me dinner at 10pm! Kristina put a HUGE pork chop in front of me (I don’t think they do ANYTHING small…lol). It was delicious.
We talked till after midnight and John gave me a copy of his book.

John and Kristina

Tom and Kristina


John’s Truck

They were so incredibly nice. John and I formed an instant bond. We agreed that we both felt the immediate bond. What a great guy. I think I found a life long friend. (you too Kristina…lol).

Light at the End of the Tunnel (already?)

April 10, 2012 in Ramblings

I was sitting here thinking about how blessed I feel to embark on this journey. I haven’t even started the engine yet and I already feel the tremendous depth of people’s support, generosity, and love. I did not expect to feel this way at such an early stage…and feel it in such a powerful way. It is truly humbling.

I feel especially honored that I get to be a messenger ¬†of goodwill on this transformative journey. My blessings are also yours and we will be sharing these blessings together in the coming months. Again, this is not a journey of “me” but rather a journey of “we”.

It is truly humbling indeed.