Raising a RUCKUS!

May 7, 2012 in Ramblings

As luck would have it, my engine problems presented yet another awesome opportunity! There was a BIG Ruckus ride happening over the weekend in Richmond VA. I have been on a couple small scooter rides in my life…but never with a large group of bikes. If you are a motorcyclist or scooterist, you know how wonderful it is to ride in a big group.

Will, Josh and I left Friday night and stayed with his good friend James. He is an awesome guy. Him and Will have been friends since they were young.

Loading up the Rucks:

WOW! A LOT OF RUCKS! This is the biggest (and one of the very few) rides I’ve been on with other scooterists

One of my favorites. I love scooters. I love Vespas. I love the Rod Culture.

Here’s a great picture of Josh’s Ruckus…it fits his personality perfectly:


I LOVE the diversity in the scooter culture!!

How cool! Part of our journey was a FERRY RIDE!!

We were sitting in the grass after the ferry ride and one of the girls (Nicki) found a 4 leaf clover. She was looking for someone to give it to…I was sitting there thinking about my as yet unsolved engine problems…so I said, “Sister, I could sure use a four leaf clover”. She laughed and gave it to me.