My pic with the SC State Police!

May 7, 2012 in Ramblings


Apologies for the delayed updates. Internet access has been a bit sketchy here in Charleston…that, coupled with the bike’s engine issues has made it a challenge to sit down and update the blog. I am trying to figure out the WordPress app for my phone. That should make blogging much easier.

As you may know (despite the mechanical issues with the bike), I rode from Myrtle Beach to Charleston SC
to meet up with some guys from …we planned on tearing into the bike again to try to fix it. I connected with Will and Josh in Charleston on Thursday 5-03-12.

I rode around for a short while when Will was at work on Thurday. I rode that day for “ALEX”.

Josh and Will worked on my bike for a while Thursday night…Here’s a few pics of my Master Tech’s at work:

After Will left, Josh and I decided to kill the LAST CAN OF VIENNA SAUSAGES! YEAH!!!!!

He insisted that we eat them on spicy crackers with GRAPE JELLY….UGH. Josh is not my friend.
Actually, the jelly and crackers killed the taste of the pink slimy meat…lol…thanks Josh.

A pic of Will and his wife Melissa from the previous night. They make a great couple…both of them are extremely good people…very kind and very generous. (and Melissa is a REALLY good cook!!!)

I stayed at Josh’s Thursday night. We got up early Friday morning, met up with Ricky, went out for breakfast then out for a ride downtown. We were at Denny’s for breakfast.

This is a little upsetting but I want to share it with you because in the end it was wonderful. Our waitress looked at me and said “Thank you…I was molested by my father as a young girl. Thank you for what you are doing. You are my hero”. Ricky, Josh, and I were all shocked by her admission. I felt so horrible and I did not know what to say. When we were leaving, I walked up to her and gave her a huge hug. Hugging other survivors of child sexual abuse is awesome…that hug creates a direct connection to the heart. She whispered in my ear “You are my Hero”. I was choking back emotion.

We stopped by an auto parts store to buy some tape on our way into town. A man in his early 50′s approached us and started asking questions about the journey. He said “My daughter was molested”…and he was overcome with emotion and turned his back to us. He collected himself and finished his conversation. It is very sad when people tell me their stories but I am very very happy to be the one they share it with.

This is Josh, myself, and Ricky Downtown on our Rucks:

For those of you who don’t know Josh, he is extremely outgoing and has a bold personality. He insisted that we get our picture taken in front of the “Pineapple” …apparently an important symbol in Charleston…lol. Well, you’re really not allowed to do that. The pineapple is only accessible for people walking…motor vehicles are not permitted in that area. SO Josh shuts off his engine and proceeds to push his bike towards the pineapple. Ricky and I just looked at each other. Josh yells “C’mon!”. So we shrug our shoulders, shut off our bikes and start pushing them towards Josh. There was a big heavy metal sign in the way and Josh did not want it in the picture so he just dragged it out of the way. Ricky and I were just looking at each other like “were gonna end up in jail”.

THEN A COP SHOWED UP. We tried to explain but he was not amused. I thought about asking him for a picture…but this particular cop looked like he was having a bad day so we apologized again and got out of there.

I missed my COP PIC and was disappointed. Then, we left the city and Ricky split up from Josh and I…we were on out way back to Josh’s house and I got my wish. I was driving and noticed that I lost Josh. I looked in my rear view mirror and saw him along the road…with flashing lights.

The Charleston police do not like it when you modify your Ruck. Josh walked away with two presents:


On Friday, I rode for “Tina”