My Journey

IMPORTANT NOTICE FROM THE EDITOR - Tom is at a critical juncture in this journey. If you have read Tom’s blog entries and watched the videos and believe as I do, that there are many more lives to be touched and much more work to be done, 


3 Countries, 10,000 Miles, 50cc’s

RuckusI started thinking about ways I could help to break down the walls of silence and shame that surround child sexual abuse. We need to create an open atmosphere for parents, children, educators, clergy, and others to have honest discussions about this epidemic. I realized that I could not make an impact alone, so I contacted and .  works towards the prevention of child sexual abuse and provides resources and assistance to victims of child sexual abuse.

Ruckus-TrailerI also chose to work with the Horry County Rape Crisis Center in Myrtle Beach, SC. In addition to sexual assault, they work with victims of childhood sexual abuse. They are one of the most amazing groups of women I have ever had the privilege of meeting.
I decided that the most effective contribution I could make is to help fund these focused and dedicated organizations.

Never one to do anything ordinary, I’m riding my little 50cc Honda scooter 10,000 miles across three countries to raise funds and awareness for this epidemic issue. All three organizations use the symbol of a heart in their logo. Consequently, I mapped out a route on Google in the shape of a gigantic 10,000 mile long heart spanning the United States, Mexico, and Canada. My goal is to raise a total of $20,000.

Stop It NowJoyful Heart Foundation
Rape Crisis Center

Just a few short weeks ago in March of 2012, this journey was nothing more than a casual, passing thought. Around that same time, I was reading about Ms. Rosa Parks, a single African American woman who changed the world. Her courage in the face of insurmountable adversity inspired me and I started thinking that maybe I could make a difference. Suddenly, I didn’t feel so small. I thought, “What if I could inspire or assist other people like myself who were abused”? “What if I could help them understand that they are not alone”? It was then I knew the ride was on!