Mexico Update

June 12, 2012 in Ramblings

I have been staying with Monty, one of the guys from for the past week or so planning my Journey to the Basilica of Our Lady of Guadalupe in Mexico City. I have contacted churches, scooter clubs, motorcycle clubs, motorcycle touring agencies and a host of other businesses and organizations. In order to enter Mexico safely, I need resources…in the form of Mexican Citizens who are willing to guide me, provide me low-cost or no-charge places to sleep, help with maintenance on my bike and preferably even ride with me to help me reach the Basilica. After literally dozens and dozens of phone calls, nothing.
I have that support group in the United States through the men and women of, fellow survivors, and supporters …and that is what makes my journey possible. I will loose that support once I enter Mexico. After repeated attempts, I cannot secure any assistance in Mexico.

I have been told time and time again since my journey started that Mexico is extremely dangerous…especially along the border. I thought it was over-exaggerated by the media until I spoke with the US Embassy in Mexico. The Official that I spoke with implored me not to enter Mexico on a 50cc scooter and ride 1,500+ miles through the country. He said that recently, he had to travel from Mexico City to the Texas border and had an armed escort of 50 men in armored vehicles. I said “Is it really THAT dangerous”? He said “YES, it is”.

He did however offer his assistance…I may be able to take a flight into Mexico and stay with him. He said he would get me to the Basilica safely. I spoke with him on Friday…this is now Tuesday…and I have not heard back from him. I emailed him yesterday and called him today with no response. I don’t know if he got busy or maybe changed his mind. So, I am headed out in the morning towards Brownsville Texas. I don’t know what I am going to do now…it’s time for some serious prayer.