IMPORTANT NOTICE FROM THE EDITOR - Tom is at a critical juncture in this journey. If you have read Tom’s blog entries and watched the videos and believe as I do, that there are many more lives to be touched and much more work to be done, PLEASE donate in whatever amount you can, so this amazing journey can continue. Mitch Kehn, JFS Editor.

The Journey From Silence is my commitment to ride 10,000 miles through the United States, Canada and Mexico on a 50cc scooter to raise $20,000 for charities that fight child sexual abuse.

Childhood sexual abuse did not destroy me,
but it did define my life.



Now, here’s the strength part:

A heart-felt welcome to My greatest hope is that you will come away from this website inspired, strengthened, and empowered to fight for a joy that is inherently yours. My purpose is to let you know that if you are a victim of childhood sexual abuse, YOU ARE NOT ALONE. There are millions of us worldwide that have been victimized by this silent and shame-filled crime. I created this website to give myself and other survivors of childhood sexual abuse a voice. For 30 years I have been silent. I will not remain silent for one more day. I will not go on just existing. I will live, love, and flourish.

I invite you to join me on this life changing journey. There is strength in joining our hearts and hands. One survivor can make a difference. As a community of survivors and supporters, we can alter the course of how our world evolves and responds to child sexual abuse. Please join me.