Forgiveness in a Starbucks

May 8, 2012 in Ramblings

I CONSISTENTLY meet the most amazing people in Starbucks!

I was returning Journey from Silence emails and a lady ask me about my t-shirt. Her name is Jayne Michelle (

We started a conversation and she told me she is a corporate trainer and a professional speaker. As our conversation progressed, I told her what happened to me as a child. She mentioned forgiveness.
I thought to myself…”I cannot forgive this person for what they did to me”. She proceeded to tell me that forgiveness has nothing to do with the other person. Forgiveness does not let them off the hook for what they did. The forgiveness was for ME. It releases me from the pain. It allows me to say “I will not give this man another minute of my life”. It allows me to release myself from the anger and pain of the abuse. She said that once I make that decision, I may not feel the forgiveness right away, but it will come. Freedom comes from the conscience decision to forgive and the feeling will follow.

Part of that forgiveness is based on the question “How much am I worth to myself today”?

Six months ago, I did not know the answer to that question. Today, I do.