A Message from Tom

Your donation, no matter the size, can breath new life into a suffering soul. (or prevent the suffering from occurring in the first place as is the mission of It is not an exaggeration to view child sexual abuse as “soul murder”. This abuse robs a person of their spirit and it drowns their soul.

Sometimes a person cannot deal with the abuse for ten, twenty, thirty years or more after the abuse has occurred. It takes a tremendous amount of courage to step out of the darkness and reach out for help.
On the outside you may see an adult reaching out, but on the inside, you’re looking at a terrified child in deep emotional pain.

Speaking for myself, reaching out and having a hand and a heart on the other side to grasp, is healing in and of itself. Just knowing that someone, anyone was there to help, was healing to me. It is very important to me to make sure that same gift is there for other survivors of child sexual abuse. I hope it is equally important to you. I cannot do this alone…it is not a journey of “me”. It is a journey of “we”.