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I would like to officially thank Luci at

He graciously offered to re-author my ENTIRE iWeb-based site in WordPress, on his OWN TIME and at NO CHARGE. He also gave me a ton of pointers on how to develop a greater reach with my website and blog.



Gene Ho – Photo Sniper!

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I am having some problems with my Ruckus and was looking for a scooter shop to take a look at it. I pulled alongside the road to check directions. A guy came up to me and took a pic of the front of my shirt. I didn’t think much of it. Little did I know he was a professional photographer. I did not know that he had been photographing me as I was sitting there. Later, I check the Journey From Silence Facebook page and I see this awesome photo:

Thank you Gene! What a great picture!

Apache Family Campground & Pier

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Apache Family Campground & Pier

I had to stay in Myrtle Beach for a candle light vigil and I was a little concerned about accommodations. I need to do this journey as inexpensively as possible to donate the maximum amount of money to the charities. The owner of Apache Campground was very kind and sponsored my camping spot in Myrtle Beach. I was able to stay there at no charge for my entire stay. The Apache is a BEAUTIFUL campground. Extremely clean and right on the ocean. A 2 minute walk puts me right on the beach. They also have the longest fishing pier on the east coast! If you visit Myrtle Beach in your travel trailer or just plan on using a tent, please consider the Apache Campground. They are letting me stay here at no charge out of the kindness and goodness of their heart!

Angler’s Fish-n-Mate

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Angler’s Fish-n-Mate


Angler’s Fish-n-Mate

Aaron, the owner of Fish-n-Mate donated a frame from his Fish-n-Mate Jr. fishing cart. I used this cart frame as the base for my single wheel trailer. I was shocked when I picked up this cart for the first time…for it’s size, it’s almost weightless. He builds his carts from strong aircraft grade aluminum that’s ultra lightweight. Aaron was a great guy to talk to…very open and friendly. Thank you for donating the cart for my journey Aaron! 

Ronnie Ninski

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Ronnie Ninski

Ronnie Ninski
Master Wizard Fabricator!

There’s nothing this guy can’t build. Period. The single-wheel trailer we are building for my journey is 100% custom fab work. This is essentially a one-off prototype that had to go from the drawing board to completed project in two weeks! This would have made a great episode on any of the motorcycle fab reality shows.
Ronny has been working with me round-the-clock to complete the trailer for my journey. There were several times we were cresting 20 hour work days with no breaks and Ronny was right there beside me. He works really hard at his day job, then meets up with me to work into the wee hours of the morning. Ronny volunteered weeks of his free time to help me. Thank you so much Ronny! I appreciate every second of your hard work and dedication to this journey!

Big Frog

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Big FrogBig Frog

custom t-shirts and more

At the last minute I realized that I needed some t-shirts printed up for the journey. I stopped by Big Frog Custom T-Shirts and More in Greensburg and spoke to Mike Rothermund, the Owner. Mike and his Designer Debbie were wonderful. They helped me on the spot and had the t-shirts done in just a few short hours! Mike significantly discounted the shirts as a sponsorship to my journey.

The shirts are beautiful and the graphics quality is superb. Stop by and see Mike the next time you need custom t-shirts made for your business, kid’s sports team, or family reunion.
Thanks Mike and Debbie!


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design / build

It’s been my experience that people who defy explanation are true geniuses. I’m sitting here trying to place Matthew Clifford and his business Forecast into a neat, narrow descriptive. I can’t do it. Matt and Eric Ross, his partner in Forecast are creative geniuses. In the short time I’ve known Matt, it seems like the word “impossible” does not exist in his creative world. Commercial art projects, inspired interior design, architectural work, painting, drawing, sculpting, metalwork, furniture, and the list goes on.

Matt was really enthused about jumping in on the single-wheel trailer build. He donated time and materials to help us get the job done inside of my insanely tight departure schedule. Thanks Matt!

M&M Leather Goods

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M&M Leather GoodsM&M Leather Goods

In need of a decent pair of riding boots, I set off to M&M. I have been buying motorcycle apparel from M&M for years. Big selection, super-friendly staff, and reasonable prices always keeps me coming back. I found a pair of Tour Master boots that looked durable and fit well. I spoke with Tony and explained my journey…he thought it was a great cause and gave me 50% off the boots as a donation to the ride. Thanks Tony!

The Scoot’n Yinzer

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The Scoot’n YinzeThe Scoot’n Yinze

Mitch Kehn

Mitch was kind enough to donate time and resources for the charity ride. He’s been in the motorcycle / scooter scene a long time and has collected a lot of resources along the way. He was also a morning radio show celebrity a while back and he knows an awful lot of people. Anytime I need something for the ride, his boiler plate reply is “Yeah, I got a guy for that”.
He is also a great scooter technician and paint/body guy. Someone tried to steal one of my scoots a few years ago. They didn’t make off with my bike, but they damaged it badly. Mitch did the body work on it and I can tell you that his paint work is flawless!

Dolan’s Welding

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Dolan’s Welding

I was having an issue finding the right steel tubing for the fabrication of the hitch on the trailer. I made some phone calls and Mr. Thomas Dolan Sr. and his shop foreman John were glad to lend a helping hand. I drove to their facility in Johnstown, PA and they sponsored two 4ft sections of speciality tubing for the trailer. It really means a lot when the owner and employees of such a large company care enough to to stop what they’re doing to help “the little guy”. A big thanks to Mr. Dolan Sr. and his shop foreman John!