April 29, 2012 in Ramblings, Tech Talk

MY Honda Ruckus started to make this strange whining noise on 4/26…I was supposed to leave the Apache Campground the following morning for New Orleans. The noise was getting worse by the hour. I spoke with Dave, a Honda tech back home at Z&M Cycles in Greensburg, PA. He said it was either a transmission issue or a main engine bearing failing!! Neither is a minor issue. I met Aaron (blue shirt) the manager of a local car wash and he offered to take a look at it for me. We both agreed that the noise sounded like it was coming from the transmission. He did not have all of the correct tools so we agreed that a bike shop should take a look at it. So I hobbled over to Armadillo cycles just outside of Myrtle Beach and the tech (Jay) looked at it for me. He also agreed that it was a transmission issue and noticed that the belt was glazed and I had flat spots worn on my roller weights. Problem is that Honda dealers do not stock these parts.
I was STUCK. No parts, no tools, and no understanding of how to fix the bike. I posted on my favorite Honda Ruckus website
Actually, it’s the ONLY Honda Ruckus website as far as I’m concerned. These guys rock!
I posted that I was in desperate need of parts, tools, and assistance. WITHIN HOURS I had parts being mailed out to the campground (THANKS TO JASON AT MOPED MOTION) and Craig from Wilmington offered to drive to the Apache with his tools to fix my bike! TOTALRUCKUS.COM TO THE RESCUE!!!