BOOMBOX…a metaphor for my Journey

May 13, 2012 in Ramblings

boomboxI think the word “BOOMBOX” is a great metaphor for my journey. First, I collect boomboxes. I have a bunch of them. They make me feel good. Really good. I never had a “real” boombox as a kid…so as an adult, I collect them. It’s a small way to take care of that 13 year old kid inside of me.
Second, music was one of the critical things that helped me manage all that pain growing up. It gave me a safe diversion and a safe release for the pain of being molested. My favorite bands were (and still are) The Go-Go’s and Missing Persons. It’s a long story for another post, but I actually got to speak to Dale Bozzio (the lead singer of Missing Person’s) a couple years back via a phone call. I was walking on air for a week!

My new friend Josh in Charleston SC and I were talking about boom boxes and how much they meant to me. He asked if he could do some artwork on my bike and my helmet. I happily said yes…so here’s his awesome interpretation of my FAVORITE Boombox – The Realistic SCR-8:

BoomBoxes make NOISE. A LOT of noise. Noise (or sound) is the opposite of silence. I’ve never been more ready to BOOM!