Apache Family Campground & Pier

April 1, 2012 in Sponsor

Apache Family Campground & Pier

I had to stay in Myrtle Beach for a candle light vigil and I was a little concerned about accommodations. I need to do this journey as inexpensively as possible to donate the maximum amount of money to the charities. The owner of Apache Campground was very kind and sponsored my camping spot in Myrtle Beach. I was able to stay there at no charge for my entire stay. The Apache is a BEAUTIFUL campground. Extremely clean and right on the ocean. A 2 minute walk puts me right on the beach. They also have the longest fishing pier on the east coast! If you visit Myrtle Beach in your travel trailer or just plan on using a tent, please consider the Apache Campground. They are letting me stay here at no charge out of the kindness and goodness of their heart!