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That which does not burn “

Fortitude and Endurance
symbol of fortitude and endurance
This symbol gets its meaning from traditional priests that were able to walk on fire without burning their feet, an inspiration to others to endure and overcome adversity.

Tom Burick

    I am Tom Burick
    I am blessed and loved
    I hear the silence of abuse
    I see miracles around me
    I long to restore my spirit
    I am blessed and loved
    I know that God is good
    I labor for validity
    I dream of a better life
    I endeavor for conversion
    I indulge hope
    I am blessed and loved

The Word “Survivor” Is Not A Therapy Buzzword.

I have heard the word “survivor” used many times on sexual abuse websites, in self-help books, and even from my own sexual abuse counselor. To be frank, I never really understood what it meant or how it applied to me. It sounded like a buzzword that a $150/hr psychiatrist would use to make you feel better about the trauma of your abuse.

It was not until recently that I began to realize that I had fought for my survival over the years. I began to see that I was a tough, tenacious, bright, 13 year old that was not about to give up. There were many, many years of darkness, anxiety, depression, thoughts of suicide, and a gaping, aching hole in my spirit. I fought to keep myself alive in those darkest hours. I was never a victim. From the moment the abuse took place, I was a survivor.

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Interview with Tom in the days leading up to his journey