Broken Arm – Journey on Pause

November 16, 2012 in Ramblings

I thought I posted this entry back in July (sorry!) but the puncture wound on my hand from the accident was getting infected and Frank urged me to go to the ER and get it checked while in Santa Barbara. My arm was also hurting pretty good…so I took a cab to the ER. Turns out the x-rays clearly showed that my arm was actually BROKEN. The ER doctor placed my arm in a cast and I was forced to pause the journey. I flew back home to Pittsburgh to heal and my bike was placed in storage in Ray’s garage (THANKS RAY!) I’ve had the cast off now for a couple months and my arm feels pretty good overall. I will be flying back out to CA in April to continue the journey…through Washington and Oregon then into Canada! So stay tuned…more to come!